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Menstruation and Menopause Talks

Are they a part of your community conversation?

Take a step in the right direction to improve the health and well-being for everyone in your community. I can deliver innovative and creative ways to learn the significance of hormonal health from menstruation to menopause.

Why don't we talk about menopause? Because we don't talk about menstruation!

Making sense of menopause

Looking for a light bulb moment?

Periods start, periods stop. Have you thought about what happens in between? Did you know that hormonal health is a key component to mental & physical wellness? Or that healthy ageing is directly relaed to health menopausing?

    How's your menopause going? Asked no one ever!

    Menopause made easy

    It’s NOT rocket science

    Created with busy people in mind, my lectures enable you to learn about yourself so you can care for yourself, today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. Discover why this knowledge should be a part of your everyday healthcare. Are you ready to join the Menopause Evolution?

    Lecture Outlines

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