How to work with me …

… using a whole person approach

My goal is to help more people effectively manage their menopausing offering the simplest, most effective tools and resources as part of The Menopause Support System©.

You will need a lifetime approach to your hormone health for best results. Your plan must be practical, sustainable and fun.  It is doable. I know, because I’ve been there too, but where do you start?

  • Clarity – by answering a few simple questions we can establish where you are on your hormone highway. No blood tests are required to do this.
  • Are you noticing symptoms and if so how can we manage them? The solutions are simple, but require consistency so how can we help you with that?
  • De-clutter and prepare for perimenopause – how can we clear the path for you to take constructive steps to support your change. Think Marie Kondo of menopausing.

1:1 Power Hour

60 mins – £40 

One to one

A guided conversation that forms an integral part of the next steps along your hormone highway. Learn the signs to look out for and how to monitor the patterns.

The missing pieces

We will start to identify the practical changes you need to make, to create a positive impact. We start building your own menopasue tool-kit that fits you, right now.

Mapping your menopause

You will leave the session armed with information so you are empowered to choose which direction you’d like to go next, with confidence and clarity.

A 4 week 1:1 program

2.5 hours – £85 


4 Menopause Lessons

Four sessions, over 4 weeks. We dive deep into your current hormone health, how we can use various layers to reduce symptoms, and the tools needed for long term positive outcomes.

A mindful approach

Flexibility in your approach, yet consistency, is a menopause strategy that takes time to adopt. Sometimes the overwhelm slows you down, but there are simple techniques we can help you master.

A whole person approach

Building a robust menopause tool-kit is one thing, but using it effectively is another. Use the 4 week program to implement, monitor and adapt with my guidance. Together we can work out what works best for you.

Group Sessions

Bespoke, ask for details.

Workplace Wellness

Healthy ageing is directly related to healthy menopausing. The story starts with being menstrually aware. Learn the key steps to a positive hormone highway journey.


Are you a like-minded therapist who would love to enable your own tribe with the tools to step onto their hormone highway with confidence and clarity?


Are you a school, parent group, or other collective who would like to learn about menstruation to menopause to empower those within your comunity?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the discovery call?

A chance to try each other on for size and make sure we’re a good fit.

Is this a medical or diagnosis service?

No. In addition we do not store any medical history or data on your healthcare past, present or future.

Is a Menopause Doula a new concept?

Yes. I have a vision of care for the modern menopause. Dr Joanne Hobson is has supporting me to develop this new role across the UK.

Can I have more than one session?

Of course. Rome wasn’t built in a day. After your initial session you can choose to have a shorter sessions and personalise your own program. 

Do you need a doctors referral?

No. Guidance and support from a doula is an age old, evidenced based practice and does not require a medical recommendation to use.

Can you prescribe HRT?

No. I’m a huge fan of replacing your hormones, but it’s all about informed choices.

Next steps …

Choose your session type

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Use the booking links to either schedule a 1:1 single session, or 4 week program. You will receive a confirmation email with further details.


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The comfortable style and structure of the sessions has been designed to enable and inform, without overwhelm. The content has been medically approved and follows NICE guidelines.

As well as the biology of menopause, symptoms & consequences, we will talk about nutrition, movement, lifetsyle and prescribable treatment options.

Welcome pack

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Prior to our session I will email you a Welcome Pack which includes  a series of very simple tasks so we can start from a place of knowing and spend our time together to focus on solutions for you.


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I will provide you with signposts for additional help that falls outside my remit as a Menopause Doula. In addition I can continue to support you, ongoing, for as long as you feel you want to. Adopting your personalised plan and executing it, can be tricky at first, so shorter accountablity sessions are also available.

The Session

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We’ll meet online and using your answers to the question in the welcome pack we will work through menopause mechanics, symptoms and consequences,  plus practical solutions for your personalised perimenopause tool kit.

FREE Resources

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Workbook, diary sheets and videos will be available after the session. 

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