Menopause is not rocket science.

Periods start, periods stop.

There is no single moment when (peri)menopause neither starts nor finishes. Some people who menstruate will not feel an impact from the hormone waves. However, the majority of people who menstruate will experience “The Change” in such a way that will be confusing, concerning and chaotic.

There will also be clarity and calm at various points along the way and it will be an enlightening experience, but, when you’re in the midst of hormonal decline, why does it seem so complicated and confusing? Why don’t we talk about menopause as a part of everyday chit-chit?

“How’s your menopause going?” asked no one ever!

Successfully navigating the challenges that come with perimenopause and menopause is possible, with the right guidance. All you need is practical advice and effective, sustainable solutions. 

The modern menopause does not coexist well with the many functions of day to day life. There will be peaks and troughs in the journey, and sometimes great big tidal waves. There are lots and lots of inspiring qualities to come out of reaching this time of life, but for now I will help you get your kit together and deal with the here and now.

… Basic definitions to be aware of: 

Premenopause – some hormonal changes may be occurring, but there are no noticeable changes in your body 

Perimenopause (around menopause) – the years leading up to menopause day, when certain hormones are naturally declining. This could be a 10 year span. 

Menopause – tends to be used as an umbrella term, but is in fact one year without a period and lasts one day. 

Postmenopause – the day after ‘menopause day’ and the rest of your life.