The Menopause Support System©

‘menopausing made easy’

What is The Menopause Support System©?

Menopause well-being guidance
  • a way of looking at your current healthcare strategies in its simplest form.
  • a straightforward method to navigate the hormone shifts well.
  • a step by step, easy to action plan, based on informed choices

What steps do you take to care for yourself and how’s it going? Do you have a personalised perimenopause protocol? What is your menopause manifesto*?

Created for the modern Menopause

Developed by The Menopause School
  • Evidenced-based and myth-busting
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • A whole person approach, with solid foundations

    *Menopause manifesto – a hormone healthcare proposal, based on your beliefs, understanding and aims, for your own well-being.


    Finally find out what is happening to your mind & body, and why.


    Gain clarity on the different ways you can approach the next phase.


    We will build your menopause tool-kit right NOW and for the future.


    My approach to biology for grown-ups is also FUN. Life is too short to stuff a mushroom!

    The Menopause Support System© is NOT: mystical and magical, complex and expensive, a single solution that works fast

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