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I passionately believe that you deserve to learn about your hormone health in a mindful, stress-free way. The steps you take next need to be driven by choice. Using The Menopause Support System © I make it easy for you to learn about yourself, so you can care for yourself … today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. 

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Definition: The doula’s goal, and role, is to help the client feel safe and comfortable, complementing the role of the healthcare professionals who provide the client’s medical care.

The Menopause Support System©

A step by step, easy to action plan, based on informed choices.


Finally find out what is happening to your mind & body, and why.


Gain clarity on the different ways you can approach the next phase.


We will build your menopause tool-kit right NOW and for the future.


My approach to biology for grown-ups is also FUN. Life is too short to stuff a mushroom!

1:1 Power Hour

In this guided conversation we will swiftly unravel your story and enable you to map out your menopause transition with clarity and confidence. Reduce overwhelm and get results. Cost £40.

A 4 week 1:1 program

If the hormone shifts have hit you like a brick wall, a series of sessions will give you the additional time to regroup, take action and step forward with confidence with my support. Cost £85

Group Lessons

Learn about your hormone blueprint, and join the dots from menstruation to menopause. Bespoke packages are available on request.


"I would like to thank Fiona for an amazing session.Fiona's passion and knowledge to the stages of menopause and the implications is amazing, please contact her if you are struggling"


"I would highly recommend Fiona as the menopause doula. Fiona’s knowledge and expertise in menopause is second to none. I am starting to think about the menopause and how it will effect me. I am now totally at ease, understand the menopause a lot more, and the stages."


"Fiona this is brilliant. You explain everything in such an easy to understand way. I really wish this had been around when I first started my symptoms, it would have been so helpful"


Are you noticing (peri)menopausal symptoms such as …

Extreme tiredness

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Unexplained crushing fatigue can be a symptom of perimenopause. As oestrogen levels drop during this time our bodies struggle to utilise energy effectively and as a result we can feel as if everything we do is like walking through treacle, and simply exhausting.

Heavy periods

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The hormonal shifts, occurring from premenopause through to postmenopause, often contribute to heavier periods. This can be a scary experience, particularly when you expect your periods to stop slowly and gradually.

Aching from head to toe

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Joint pain is a common occurrence, which feels like a stiffness, or even pain when stepping down and a lack of mobility. Declining hormones affect joint lubrication.

Strained Relationships

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“You can’t manage what you don’t understand”. The mental chaos and physical confusion that frequently accompanies perimenopause needs to be acknowledged and appropriately managed, before your friendships and other relationships come under duress.

Anxiety or sadness

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typical perimenopause symptoms, like anxiety, depression and forgetfulness, often occur near the beginning of the transition toward menopause day. This can be several years before periods become noticeably irregular.

Isolation & Loneliness

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The secondary symptoms and consequences are much easier to navigate when you have some physical and emotional strategies in place. Each day on the journey is different. You may wish to take the journey alone, but you don’t need to feel lonely and isolated at the same time.

Why work with a Menopause Doula?

Menopause is so much more than just your periods stopping! A knowledgeable Menopause Doula, with personal experience of menopausing, can enable you to make your own transition calmer and confident. 

Menopausing (menopause transition, also known as perimenopause) is a huge hormonal shift, over quite a significant time. You could compare it to puberty in reverse.

Many people do NOT realise that the health care choices you make while menopausing impact your postmenopause years more than you can possibly imagine.

My role is to help you navigate the health challenges that menopausing may be creating for you RIGHT NOW, and give you the knowledge to help you protect yourself in the future.

What are those options and how will you know when to make new choices?

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